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[DENIED][CbK Application] - Fasalesi EcZYGIz

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[DENIED][CbK Application] - Fasalesi

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[DENIED][CbK Application] - Fasalesi Empty [DENIED][CbK Application] - Fasalesi

Post by Fasalesi on Wed May 17, 2017 3:16 pm

Nick (in-game name at minigames): Fasalesi ( [SoS]Fasalesi; i dont have enough cookies to change)
Old nicks that you've used: N/A
Age: 17
Gender(M/F): Male
Your country: Egypt
Since when and you started playing samp: 2012
How much time do you spend, per day, at Mini Games: currently i/a due to exams but tommorw is the final one so i will be active all the day atleast 10h
Why do you want to join CbK: i applied here before but i requested to remove my thread so i am applying here again to join seriously i want join  i know some people herei am well known and friendly i see good people there and its really fun to join cbk
Your skills
• Eagle Skills(0/10) 7
• Shotgun skills (0/10) 7
• M4 skills (0/10) 8
• Sniper Skills ((0/10) 8
• Combat Shotgun skill (0/10) 7


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[DENIED][CbK Application] - Fasalesi Empty Re: [DENIED][CbK Application] - Fasalesi

Post by DowDaw on Wed May 17, 2017 3:35 pm

Hello, Your application has been denied, Sorry!
Reason: You have not clear ban records, You can't re-apply!


IG-Name : [CbK]DowDaw
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